How Do Routines Benefit Your Parents?

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Benefit of Routines, Elderly Care Manhattan NY

You have your routines. From the moment you get up, you have time limits in place to make sure you’ve showered and eaten in time to leave. You also know when it’s time to get your kids up, get them out the door, and what you need to do at work.

What routines do your parents have? They need to have a schedule. It’s better for them if they have a care plan in place and stick to that routine most days. A little variation is good but too much can impact their mood and health. Here are the different ways that daily routines help.

Elderly Care Manhattan, NY: Benefits of Routines

They Feel Secure and Confident

A routine helps with security and confidence. Aging at home may be desirable, but it can also lead to feelings of insecurity. They know what needs to be done each week, but there’s no plan or experience in getting them done independently. 
With a routine, your parents learn how daily tasks are handled and develop the skills they need to get things done. They gain confidence that they can do it again. They may need a little help, but it’s still possible. 

Better Sleep Patterns Are Formed 
Daily routines help with sleep at night. If your parents have a schedule that keeps them active and prevents naps, they’re going to be tired when bedtime arrives. They’re not going to have a late dinner and be awake hours after they should have gone to bed to get seven or eight hours of sleep. 
Routines Ease Stress and Anxiety 
A daily routine can help ease anxiety and stress. Why? It reduces the fear of the unknown. If your parents know exactly what’s on the schedule for the day, they’re able to prepare mentally. 
If they know today is the day they get a flu shot, they may feel some anxiety. They also have time to become mentally prepared for that vaccination, which makes it easier to avoid excessive stress. 
With a routine in place, they’ll know what’s happening. They know what’s expected of them. They also know who is going to be stopping by to help them with their meals, housekeeping, transportation, and other care needs. 
Who is around to help your parents stay on schedule? You’re busy at work but have you considered having elderly care aides to help out? Elderly care aides are one way to help your parents stick to a routine that makes sure they’re happy and healthy. 

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