Why Join Our Team?

  • Prime Care cares about its employees
  • We value consistency and longevity
  • Prime Care always considers its workers safety and well being by considering travel time and distance when scheduling
  • Field workers are always given detailed travel directions and a full explanation of the patient they will be servicing.
  • Our supportive administrative staff is always just a phone call away 24/7.  Prime Care does not use voicemail or have an answering service.
  • We try very hard to assign our field workers to the same patient and keep their schedule the same weekly.

What we offer:

  • Full Time and Part Time employment
  • Paid Time off (PTO)
  • Health Insurance

Our Training:

  • All home care staff must have a NYS Certificate to be employed at Prime Care.
  • Prime Care provides applicants with an exhaustive orientation to all of our company policies.
  • In-Service will be given as part of the application process and then every 6 months thereafter.

What to Bring When You Apply (best Mon – Thur 10a-12p):

  • NYS Certificate
  • 2 Forms of ID
  • Most recent physical exam form
  • References
  • All relevant information on past employment
    • Dates worked
    • Addresses
    • Names of previous employers