Ways Home Health Care Can Help Your Parents

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Seniors and Health Issues

There are a few reasons why your senior parents may want to age in place rather than transfer their entire lives to a nursing home. Freedom and independence are two of the main things seniors look for in their later years. Of course, you want to respect your parent’s wishes, but it can be hard imagining them living alone without your help. 

Luckily, there are several options for seniors like yours who still want to live at home. Home health care specialists range in various skills that can come to your senior’s homes. These people may be nurses, doctors, physical therapists, nutrition counselors, and more. They are professionals who can work with your seniors to keep them healthy, and it also gives a chance for caregivers to focus on other things during their sessions. 

If you are caring for your parents and acting as a family caregiver, there are some signs they need more help. Take a look at these signs; your parents need more help from professionals with degrees or certificates. 

Your Seniors Have a Serious Illness

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Older folks diagnosed with severe disease may need education and expert treatment from a certified nurse, speech therapist, occupational therapist, or physical therapist to manage their symptoms and remain out of the hospital. If they need someone to handle medication, they will need a professional nurse and not a caregiver. 

Seniors Start Having Multiple Chronic Conditions

A senior who has one chronic condition may just need reminders to take one medication at a certain time. However, if they have multiple chronic conditions, they may have tons of medications to take and manage, and they need a professional to help manage them. This is especially true if they need medication to be administered. 

Seniors Who Have Just Fallen

Aging often causes changes in balance, strength, and capacity to move about freely. You may see your elderly parents clutching onto the furniture as they move around the home or appearing unsteady while rising from a sitting posture. You may perhaps be aware that they recently suffered a fall. Even if they were not wounded, it might indicate that your elderly parents need assistance. Some seniors may need physical therapy after a fall, and it can be more comfortable in a home. 

They Have Lost or Gained Weight

Allowing someone to take a look at a person’s diet needs can be crucial to keeping them healthy for longer. If you notice your senior has lost weight or gained weight, it is important to have a professional come in and look at how their diet is going. These nutritionists will also help put together a shipping list for you or a caregiver to follow. This will also help you understand what a senior should be eating to remain healthy. 

Home health care is just another tool to keep your loved ones healthy. It can help them if they need to learn more about their chronic conditions, nutrition, or just how to move around on their own. All of these will help a senior keep independent for much longer.

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