Making Scented Candles With Seniors

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Social Seniors

As a senior ages, they will want to start new hobbies, and home care can help them with that. On December 4th, home care can help a senior make scented candles to celebrate Candle Day. This is a fun day to start a new hobby and show them how to make beautiful candles in just a few hours. Seniors can experiment with scents, shapes, and even colors. The supplies needed to make candles are not that expensive, and home care can even purchase some of them on Amazon for just a few dollars.

Candle-making kits can be purchased and used. This is a fun way to spend time with a senior and teach them something new. Some seniors may find that certain scents may invoke memories that make them feel happier. It’s a way to get creative and express feelings without communication.

Seniors who pursue arts and crafts as a hobby or as a way to spend their leisure time wisely typically venture into candle-making. Seniors who make candles not only find the activity enjoyable, but it can also be an excellent way to promote brain stimulation. Seniors must use the creative side of the brain to develop innovative ideas for their candles. Candle-making can instill a sense of dependence in seniors. It allows them to earn some money by selling the candles they make or giving them as gifts to friends.

Why Should Seniors Do Crafts?

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By allowing a senior to take up new hobbies you are giving them a way to stay busy, stimulated, curb boredom, and feel happier. Seniors may not be able to do whatever they used to and they may have more time on their hands than ever before. Home care can be a great companion but they will have to find creative ways to keep the senior busy. There are some benefits for seniors who do crafts.

  • Can help self esteem.
  • Can promote happiness.
  • Can promote dexterity in hands and fingers.
  • Creating things for others can give a senior a sense of pride and purpose.
  • Keeps a senior busy.
  • They may look forward to this hobby.

Many seniors had jobs before they retired which gave them something to wake up for every day. They were able to find a sense of purpose and that is what kept them going. Without that work they have to find other ways to keep busy and find purpose. Taking up a new hobby can really help them feel alive and happy. Arts and crafts can be given to family members for special events and home care can help keep an eye on the projects.

Is Making Candles Easy?

If both you and the senior are beginner candle makers, you should buy kits. These will come with step by step instructions and everything you need to make basic candles. As you start doing this hobby more together you can start adding in different things. You can use dried fruits, dried flowers, different molds, and even dye the candles. All of this comes in time as you keep doing this hobby.

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