Is It Time For Your Elderly Loved One to Have Elder Care Help?

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Elder Care Help,, Elder Care Manhattan NY

It is commonly misunderstood that elderly people can stay independent no matter what. Your elderly loved one might not want help with certain things. However, at some point, they might need more help than they are willing to admit. With this being said, you might be thinking that your elderly loved one needs to have elder care help. There are some ways to determine if this type of help is best for your elderly loved one at this time.

Looking at Their Overall Well-Being

Elder Care Manhattan, NY: Elder Care Help

Does your elderly loved one have a health issue that they need help to manage? Do their health issues affect their ability to do certain tasks? Did your elderly loved one recently get surgery and need help with the recovery period? When looking at your elderly loved one’s overall well-being, if there are areas of their life they could use help with, elder care could offer the assistance that is needed.

Home Cleaning Task Assistance

When going into your elderly loved one’s home, do you notice they aren’t cleaning as well as they should be? This might be because they are exhausted and not feeling up to cleaning. It could also be because they are physically or mentally unable to do certain household cleaning tasks. If this is the case, your elderly loved one might need an elder care provider to do some light cleaning for them.

Not Having Good Food

Take a look at your elderly loved one’s food. What do they have in their fridge and pantry? Are they always out of fresh food? Do you find your elderly loved one eating canned food or frozen food most of the time? Look at the date on the food in their home. Are they not throwing out food that is old? If your elderly loved one needs someone to ensure they are eating good food, they might need an elder care provider to help. The provider can go grocery shopping and help to prepare some meals for your elderly loved one.

Lack of Personal Hygiene

Is your elderly loved one smelling more lately? Do you find that your elderly loved one is wearing dirty clothes or the same clothes for many days? If your elderly loved one isn’t getting changed, isn’t showering, or isn’t taking care of other areas of their personal hygiene, they might need elder care assistance in these areas.


These are some of the ways to tell if it is time for your elderly loved one to get elder care help. There is no shame in your elderly loved one getting the help they need. If they aren’t willing to admit they need help, just let them know you need help to care for them.

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