Elder Care Offers Tremendous Benefits for Older Adults Experiencing Arthritis Pain

by | May 9, 2022 | Family Caregivers

Here are a few facts to know for Arthritis Awareness Month. Very close to half of all U.S. adults 65 or older have arthritis that’s been diagnosed by a doctor. As not every older adult sees a doctor or admits to experiencing pain, it may be more than 49.6%.

Of those older adults with arthritis, 32% report that there are days they don’t get out of bed due to joint pain. Is your mom among that percentage?

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. There are things you can do during your lifetime to lower the risk, but aging is the biggest factor with osteoarthritis. Decades of repeated use lead to joints wearing down from the friction.

Your mom has arthritis and the pain makes it very hard for her to take care of herself sometimes. Have you looked into the benefits of elder care when arthritis pain is making it hard to function?

She Doesn’t Have to Feel Alone

Elder Care Manhattan, NY: Elder Care Benefits

When you live alone and experience pain, it can be so much worse because you’re all alone. The anxiety of being isolated can heighten everything. If your mom has a caregiver with her, having someone to talk to or touch can actually help the pain easier to manage.

Her Home Is Clean and Organized

With an elder care aide helping out, your mom’s house can get cleaned and remain organized, even if she can’t do it herself. Her caregiver can vacuum, dust, do laundry, make beds, change towels, and wash dishes.

If your mom’s home has hardwood floors, her caregiver can dry mop the floors with a dusting mop pad to remove pet hair and dust. Her caregiver can also sanitize counters, sinks, and handles.

She Has Meals and Drinks Brought to Her

Your mom may not feel up to getting out of bed when the pain is bad. She doesn’t have to risk dehydration or go without food. Her caregiver can prepare meals and snacks and bring them to her room. When she needs drinks, her caregiver gets them.

Her Caregiver Can Track When She Last Took a Pain Reliever

Osteoarthritis is usually managed with NSAID pain medications to ease pain and inflammation. If your mom has a hard time keeping track of when she last took a pill, her caregiver can track it for her.

She Has Help Arranging Appointments

Your mom needs to see her doctor about the pain she’s experiencing, but she doesn’t find it easy to make appointments or hold the phone. Her caregiver can schedule appointments for her.

Her Caregiver Can Walk Around With Her

Exercise is important for helping arthritis pain. If your mom worries about walking on her own, she can walk with her caregiver.

Call an elder care specialist to learn more about these services. If your mom’s arthritis is making it difficult for her to take care of herself, have caregivers help her. Whether she needs help with personal care and bathing or needs someone to take care of her home, elder care makes sure she’s supported.

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