Four Reasons Your Senior Would Benefit from Home Health Care for Diabetes Management

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Diabetes Management, Home Health Care Bronx NY

Many older adults with diabetes find it difficult to suddenly have to take care of so many details regarding blood sugar levels, monitoring those levels, and keeping track of other variables. Your senior may have trouble eating the right foods, taking her medications when necessary, and ensuring that she’s doing all that she can do. This might be the right time to consider bringing in home health care providers to assist with diabetic education for your elderly family member. 

She’s Having a Tough Time Managing Medications, Testing, and Other Aspects of Self-care

Home Health Care Bronx, NY: Diabetes Management

Keeping track of glucose testing, medication timing, and all of the other variables involved in managing diabetes is a lot to handle. This is especially difficult if your elderly family member has other health issues that affect her ability to manage her own health. Remembering to test, remembering how her medications affect her results, and knowing when to take other actions are all crucial. 

She Has Wounds that Need Consistent Care 

People who are diabetic run a significant risk of having difficulty healing wounds. This can quickly get out of hand, leading to serious health issues including sepsis. Proper wound care is time consuming and your elderly family member may not be able to reach affected areas easily. Worse, diabetic neuropathy may mean that your senior doesn’t feel wounds and doesn’t know they’re there. 

She’s at Risk for Hospitalization 

Out of control blood sugar levels and comorbid health issues can all lead to hospitalization. Proper diabetic management on a daily basis can keep that from happening, though. When the solution is a simple one, it makes sense to go that route. Once your elderly family member’s care is being managed properly, her risk factors for being hospitalized can drop very quickly. 

You’re Not Able to Help Her as Much as She Needs 

As much as you might want to be there for your senior’s every need, that doesn’t mean that’s possible. Home health care providers are able to give your senior the direct, hands-on care that she needs as often as necessary. This ensures that she’s meeting all of the requirements of her care plan and that she’s comfortable and safe at the same time. 

Diabetes management is often very complicated for seniors but home health care providers are uniquely qualified to give your senior the diabetic education that she needs in order to stay as healthy as possible.  

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