Why Seniors Should Start Swimming Regularly

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Social Seniors

Regular swimming has potential health benefits for everyone, especially the elderly. Swimming is an enjoyable and effective form of exercise. A constant heart rate is suitable for cardiovascular health. The elderly and those suffering from age-related disorders will benefit from this physical activity.

It is vital for the health of the elderly to maintain a regular exercise routine. For those concerned about the impact, swimming is a fantastic low-impact activity. In the heat of summer, nothing beats cooling down in a pool. Swimming is a terrific way to get some exercise and improve your cardiovascular health while still having fun. Some of the advantages it provides for the elderly population are as follows.

Swimming in a pool with a lifeguard is highly recommended to maintain physical fitness as one ages. There may be a swimming pool at the nearby gym or a public pool available. If your elderly loved one requires assistance, it may be time to look into elder care services. Also, ensure a shower is nearby so the senior can get the chlorine off their skin after swimming. A requirement for assistance with these activities is another indication that elder care is needed. Here are some reasons why regular swim sessions are beneficial for seniors. 

It Boosts Mental Health

Elder Care Manhattan, NY: Seniors and Swimming

No matter what age you are, focusing on mental health is crucial because it will help keep you healthy for longer. In addition to its many other health benefits, swimming may help you feel better emotionally and mentally. Additionally, due to the communal nature of swimming, you will lessen your risk of developing the isolation and loneliness that may contribute to depression in the elderly.

It May Help Increase Flexibility

While stretching before and after exercise is the best approach to restoring flexibility, swimming may enhance flexibility in the hips, legs, arms, and neck. As a bonus, it may also reduce back discomfort and help you stand taller.

Helps Minimize Risks of Osteoporosis 

Bone mineral density (BMD) may be increased via swimming, making it a useful tool in the battle against osteoporosis. Fractures are common among people with osteoporosis since the disease makes bones very fragile. Hip, wrist, and spinal fractures are the most frequent results of osteoporosis. When you start caring for your aging parent, you will want to find ways to minimize that disease or find something for them to do that will have a very low impact.

Swimming Helps Tone the Body

When you move about in the water, you use every muscle in your body. You’ll notice your muscles becoming toned and longer as you swim more often. This is because swimming is a resistance exercise that helps build muscle.

Once you realize the massive benefits of swimming, you will want to encourage your seniors to get out a few times during the week. There may be senior classes hosted at a local gym, or your mom or dad may like purchasing their own backyard pool. If they purchase their own pool, they may only want to go out when their hired elder care providers are around to keep an eye on them. 

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