What Are Some of the Activities Available Through Companion Care At Home?

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Family Caregivers

Companion care at home provides your parents with a caregiver who offers a friendly face and companionship. It’s that simple. Your parents don’t have many friends in the area, and you, your brothers, and your sisters live too far away to visit often. Companionship services provide the socialization your parents long for.

What can caregivers do with your parents when it comes to companion care? Here are just some of the options.

Shopping and Errands

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Your mom and dad don’t drive. They have a hard time running errands and shopping for household goods unless they have someone with them. Caregivers can do this.

With companion care, your parents have someone to drive them to stores and businesses. They can run an errand with the support and supervision of someone they know and trust.

Friendly Conversations

Your parents miss having people to talk to. After retirement, their social circle shrank. They can go weeks without seeing someone. Loneliness and isolation impact their mental and physical health, so you’re concerned.

With caregivers stopping by regularly, your parents have someone around for friendly conversations. They can have their caregiver prepare a meal or snack and sit down together to eat.

They want to get out of the house. Let their caregiver join them on a walk of the property or around the neighborhood.

Games, Movies, and Hobbies

Activities that your mom and dad love are achievable with the help of their caregiver. Your dad loves to watch movies, but he’s not the best at figuring out how to put a DVD on and make sure the DVD player is connected correctly. Your mom loves to play cribbage, but she needs someone to play against.

Your mom loves gardening, but she has a hard time carrying all of the supplies. She needs help moving the wheelbarrow and carrying the tools from the shed or garage. Your dad loves photography, but he needs someone to hold onto when he’s walking down nature trails or bike paths.

Caregivers can engage your parents in activities like these. With companion care at home, your parents can complete their hobbies and favorite activities with help. They stay independent without worrying about loneliness being an obstacle to their daily activities.

How to Arrange Companion Care

Now that you know more about companion care at home, it’s time to make a call. A specialist can walk you through the different ways caregivers can help your parents stay happy and active while aging at home. You’ll learn more about the variety of home care services, prices, and how to get started.

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