Natural Therapy Options for Arthritis Relief

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Arthritis Relief, Home Care Queens NY

Many elderly people suffer from arthritis and while it can range from mild discomfort to being almost debilitating, arthritis in any form for your aging parent can have you seeking relief for your parent. Standard treatments such as anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications will help your parent deal with the daily joint pain and stiffness, but there are also other techniques to create days that are less encumbered by arthritic pain. Some options that you may want to discuss with your parent are listed.  

Topical Gels

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Home Care Queens, NY: Arthritis Relief

By simply rubbing these gels onto the areas that suffer from arthritic pain, the body will respond by reducing pain signals sent to the brain without ever having to ingest anything. If the inflammation area is located on your parent’s body that she cannot reach easily, your home care provider can help by applying the gel to the area.  

Weight Loss

Losing even just a few pounds can reduce the amount of stress put on joints. Losing just one pound reduces four pounds of pressure so a little can go a long way to making your parent more comfortable as she is trying to get around. Work with her doctor to determine the best way to lose weight if this is needed, whether it’s through reducing calorie intake or getting more exercise or both. Getting support from you and her home care provider as she begins the journey to weight loss will be especially helpful.  


When done appropriately based your parent’s physical limitations, yoga not only decreases joint pain and stiffness, it also has mental health benefits such as decreased anxiety and increased relaxation. Both can also help reduce the way the brain interprets pain. Look for yoga classes or instructional videos that are specifically created for people who have arthritis.  


Gentle manipulation on sore spots can help relieve pain and increase mobility with joints that have arthritis. Your parent’s masseuse should be aware of the arthritis so that the massage is appropriate and doesn’t cause additional pain or inflammation. If going to a masseuse is not possible at this time, a simple massage from you or her home care provider may provide temporary relief to achy areas. 


This ancient form of Chinese medicine is designed to wake up the body’s natural pain killers as well as improve blood flow and stimulate                    nerves.  While this may not be an option during the pandemic shut down of many businesses, if your parent is feeling brave enough to have a            bunch of tiny needles inserted into her body, she may find needed pain relief when she can visit an acupuncturist.  

Arthritis Gadgets/Supports

There are numerous items you can purchase to help your aging parent with arthritis. Some will help her to support those areas that are weakened by arthritis like wrist supports or shoe inserts. Others are household products that will help her to not overdo certain tasks like adaptive silverware, zipper pulls, and seat assist products that help getting to a standing position much easier.  

Review all suggestions with your parent and her physician to see which may provide the best relief and be willing to try new ideas if current ones are not helping her with arthritic pain and stiffness.  

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