Heart Disease Prevention for Senior Citizens

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Seniors and Health Issues

Are you worried that your elderly loved one will get heart disease? Maybe, one of their parents had this health problem. It could be any one of their other family members, too. Even if your elderly loved one doesn’t have a family history of heart disease, it still may worry them. The good news is there are many heart disease prevention tips for senior citizens that your elderly loved one can try.

No Tobacco Use

Home Care Assistance Queens, NY: Heart Disease Prevention

Does your elderly loved one currently use tobacco products? It is important for them to know that studies show tobacco can cause heart disease. Most people just think about lung issues when it comes to talking about cigarettes. However, that is only one of the problems that someone can face if they smoke. If your elderly loved one is a smoker and they are trying to quit, you may want to hire home care assistance providers. The providers can motivate and encourage your elderly loved one to follow their goals of quitting.


Research also shows that regular exercise helps to lower one’s risk of heart disease. There isn’t an exact amount of time that your elderly loved one must exercise to lower their risk for this disease. However, many studies suggest that exercising for 30 minutes 4 to 6 days a week is a good start. If your elderly loved one isn’t used to exercising much, it may be good for them to start slowly. You or a senior care provider should encourage them to workout for 10 minutes on 2 days each week. As your elderly loved one builds up their strength and endurance, they can slowly increase the amount and length of time they exercise.

Better Sleep

It may be a surprise to some people, but sleep quality is extremely important for preventing heart disease. When someone doesn’t get good sleep for a long time, it starts taking a toll on their organs, including the heart. The reason for this is because lack of sleep can lead to depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. If your elderly loved one isn’t sleeping well, you or a home care assistance provider may want to go with them to their doctor. The doctor may want to have a sleep study done to figure out what is going on to prevent your elderly loved one from sleeping well. Then, treatments can be given to help boost your elderly loved one’s sleep quality.


These are some of the best tips for heart disease prevention in senior citizens. However, now that you are aware of these tips, you can start helping your elderly loved one to follow them. After doing so for some time, your elderly loved one’s heart should get stronger.

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