Anxiety Relief Tips for Senior Citizens

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Anxiety Relief Tips, Senior Care Bronx NY

Is your elderly loved one suffering from any level of anxiety? Anxiety is one of the toughest emotions to deal with and manage. There are so many reasons why someone may have anxiety. It could be the loss of a loved one, not working anymore, dealing with health issues, having family relationship troubles, or anything else. It is important that you and the senior care providers are helping your elderly loved one to deal with their anxiety. If they can manage their anxiety, they can feel better and have more positivity in their life.  

Getting Them Enough Support

Senior Care Bronx, NY: Anxiety Relief Tips

You must make sure your elderly loved one is getting enough support. They need someone to talk to and vent to. Your elderly loved one needs someone to understand them and everything they are going through. You might be this person for your elderly loved one. However, in some instances, people don’t feel they can talk to their loved ones about certain things. This might be the case for your elderly loved one. They may be better at talking about something with their senior care providers, a therapist, a different family member, or their doctor. Just do your best to make sure they have the support needed to manage their anxiety.  

Relaxation Exercises 

Relaxation exercises could also help to relieve some of your elderly loved one’s anxiety. There are numerous exercises they could try. Most of them involve doing deep breathing and focusing on those breaths. However, there are other relaxation exercises that your elderly loved one could try, as well. All you or the senior care provider needs to do is search for relaxation exercises online and many will come up. You can have your elderly loved one try some until they figure out what will work to relieve their anxiety.  

Get Them Into Routines  

Routines are another way to help your elderly loved one relieve their anxiety. Many people get anxious when they don’t know what is happening next. If your elderly loved one has a lot going on in their life or if they don’t do the same things at the same times each day, they may develop anxiety. If you or senior care providers can help your elderly loved one set up morning, afternoon, and evening routines, it could significantly lower their anxiety.  


These are some of the greatest anxiety relief tips for senior citizens. These tips have been used by many others. You can figure out which tips work best for your elderly loved one. Once they find something that works well, be sure they stick to it.  

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